The Impact of Hybrid Work on Employees and Employers with Peter Cappelli

And inside of asynchronous organizations, they actually the ideas are what are presented. And they’re more important than whether or not you are very charismatic in a meeting. It’s very difficult for me to be able to do synchronous meetings. But in textual form, I can present my ideas, and I can defend them much more effectively than I can get a debate as an example, in a board meeting. So those are a couple of factors that I would take into consideration. Most remote first founders actually focus their entire organizations on this process.

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You know, it’s like you said Sabina, like feasibly you can’t you can’t work for long periods of time on on kitchen and dining room chairs. They’re not ergonomic enough and I’m getting older and my back’s getting weaker and you know… Yeah, I mean, I think you’re totally right, just if you’re working from a dining table, at least get a proper gaming chair, office chair, but you can just swivel away once you’re done with work, but yeah, do not work from a dining chair, that’s ridiculous. More than two years on, however, there’s no excuse for working hunched over your laptop on the kitchen table.

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Which is when COVID hit in January of 2020, 4% of the US workforce was working remotely. By March 45% of the US workforce was working remotely. For many people, remote working now feels like business as usual; however, most employers still haven’t evolved their working practices to embrace its advantages.

My team has a daily minute online meeting where we all discuss what went well the day before, what we plan do do today, what didn’t go so well and if there any blockers or problems we need help with. remote work podcast We use the meeting transcription of Microsoft Teams and then use those notes to update our todo lists and project trackers. I use Rode microphones because I’ve found them to be excellent quality.

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Then there’s the transportable remote worker, they’re moving from place to place, but working at each place for a period of time. Someone in a team of financial auditors fit this scenario, they go to a client for a few weeks each year to do their audit. So their kit needs to be portable but not fully mobile. We can break working remotely down into three main categories. Firstly fixed based remote workers, that’s someone who’s working from home or from a client site. They’re not a mobile worker, just remote from your normal working environment. In a couple of days I had brought 34 laptops back into service and copied the users’ data onto them, enabling them to work from home.

I want something I can just live in, I don’t I don’t want to, I don’t have to be able to move, something’s just something I’m going to be in it for so long that it’s going to create a Connor-shaped hole in the chair. But I think I think a little bit more realistically. For me, I always prioritise monitors like I couldn’t, I would have enough monitors to, you know, satisfy every single Chrome tab I have open if if one my budget allowed or my electricity bill allowed. But yeah, I think if, if you’re gonna if you’re gonna prioritise one thing in an idealistic home working set up, it’s got to be displays; more the better for me.

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Meaning there were less managers required, because when you actually build an organization where everyone has their own autonomous responsibility towards the organization, you don’t necessarily you know a lot of managers. The second thing that is advantageous to the employee and the employer is there’s no game of telephone. Everything inside of an asynchronous organization is documented. All of my targets are documented in there put on some type of platform, right?

  • To me, I know that businesses, it’s very well wish you know, it’s it comes only from like, trying to help the remote workers, you know, deliver, you know, have a better working experience.
  • As an experienced Senior Investigating Officer , having managed large scale investigations and as an accredited Kidnap & Extortion manager Detective Superintendent Justin Torgout has 25 years of policing experience.
  • Remote working takes it’s toll on both physical and mental well-being and it’s important to encourage a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.
  • Hybrid work presents an opportunity for companies and employees to change how they work, but many are grappling with a lack of flexibility, the hassle of the daily commute, and finding work life balance.
  • A bit like Phil from the last episode on hardware choices.
  • You do not need to be able to do a weekly show Intel meeting as an example.

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